I am a synthetic biologist with a big passion for
science communication and entrepreneurship

Hi there! Welcome to my personal website.
I am a biologist fascinated by engineering life at the smallest scale and designing cells with new functions. I was born in the Netherlands, but recently moved to Paris for my PhD research at INSERM and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research. There, I am using DNA technologies to develop faster and more efficient methods to find new antibiotics against tuberculosis.
Besides working in the lab, I am actively trying to bridge science with business and society. As Vice President of Hello Tomorrow I am helping deep tech startups with their journey to bring laboratory inventions to the market.
And through my company Science Matters, I want to support scientists in communicating their research to the public and to enthuse children and adults for science.

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TEDx Saclay

In this TED talk I explain why we need to rethink the intersection between science and society to build a better future.

Synthetic Biology One Trailer

CRI, Paris 2016

Synthetic Biology One is a free, open, online course in DNA design.

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Presentation VET Promo

Rotterdam October 2016

VET (Versnelling Economische Transitie) is an initiative by 7 partners in Rotterdam to promote the transition to the 'new economy'.

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Television Talk Show: Oscar

The Modular Body April 2016

Part five of the television talks show: We wonder if Oscar (a lab created being) possesses consciousness and whether he is aware of his environment.

Go to website of the Modular Body

Cleaning an oil spill with engineered bacteria

The NOS interviewed our TU Delft iGEM team about our project: Oil degradation bacteria.

What is GFP?

The TU Delft iGEM team of 2010 cooperated with the Delft Science Museum to create a Biotechnology room. Together with Eva Brinkman, I created a number of educational movies that are displayed in the museum.

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